How to Properly Store Your Books

For the bookworms out there, book storage of your most treasured reads is incredibly important. You need to make sure that your books are stored efficiently and kept safe and secure. So what is the best way to store your collection of books? In this article, we cover how to properly store books for convenience and also how to store rare books that need care and attention.

Get Your Books in Good Condition

When having a clear-out of your old bookcase, it is important to get your books in good condition before storing them away again. This helps to keep your paperbacks and hardbacks in the best condition possible to stand the test of time. Find out how to best store books once they are clean and free from damage below:

Clean Your Books Properly

When books are left in storage for long periods of time, they gather dust and dirt. It is important to regularly clean your books to ensure they don’t get damaged and also look their best when displayed proudly in your storage unit or bookcase. The first thing you need to do is sort through your books to ascertain which books you want to keep and others that you may want to throw away or donate elsewhere.

Once you have your ideal selection of books, you can look to clean them up to be in their best condition. Begin by gently dusting the cover of any excess dirt and dust, using a slightly damp cloth to remove any stains or marks. If your books have any grease stains, you can apply a small amount of talcum powder to soak out the oil and remove the stain.

Repair Your Books

Some of your books may require a little extra TLC in the form of repairs. Perhaps you’re wondering how to properly store old books that have become damaged by damp or mould. Leave any damp books out of storage in the fresh air for a day to get rid of the smell; if this doesn’t work then place your books in a tray of rice to absorb the damp and nasty odours.

Store Your Books in a Storage Unit

Once all of your books are clean and free from damage, you can begin to store your collection. When storing books there are certain rules to follow to ensure maximum storage space and also to allow convenient access when you fancy sitting down with your favourite books. Find out how to store books to keep them in the best condition in the years to come below:

Packing Your Books

Always make sure to plan out how you want to store your books before diving straight in. Take into consideration the type of books you have, the sizes and shapes etc. This will make storing them easier and also give you as much room as possible when you have large collections.

Storing Books in Cardboard Boxes

A common short-term solution for storing books is in cardboard boxes. Always look for secure, sturdy and brand new boxes where possible. This will ensure that your books are kept secure and free from damage. Especially when you have large, heavy books, the box needs to be strong enough to carry the weight of your collection.

Storing Books in Plastic

Many people opt to store their book collections in plastic containers. This can be a better option than cardboard boxes as plastic is much better at keeping out things like damp and making sure your books are protected from deterioration. Opt for transparent plastic containers that allow you a full view of your stored books. This makes finding certain books much easier and saves having to unpack your entire storage facility.

How Not to Store Your Books

While there are certain rules you should follow when storing books, there are equally things you should avoid. For example, make sure you aren’t storing your books in volatile temperatures that could affect the quality of your books. Also, make sure to keep your collection stored away out of direct sunlight as this means that covers and colours avoid fade and remain vibrant. Despite common conception, it is not a good idea to wrap up your books in newspaper, as the ink can bleed and stain them. Make sure not to pack your books in too big and heavy of a box, as this will limit your transport options and could be unsafe.

So, there you have it – everything you need to store your books properly so that they can stand the test of time. At Cubic Storage, we have a great range of storage solutions that can aid in the storage of your book collection – freeing up space in your home from books that you may not need for a while.

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