Checklist for Cleaning Your House

A cluttered home can be stressful. One of the best ways to create a more positive space that you can enjoy is to keep things clean and tidy. A checklist for house cleaning is the ideal way to make sure you cover a range of cleaning tasks and clean your whole house from top to bottom. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a house cleaning checklist.

The first things you need to do are to dust and vacuum your rooms, then you can start with the real cleaning. So make sure to read on to find our house cleaning checklist which will help to make your home sparkling-clean once again.

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

· Take out any rugs or bins as well as items from your shower or bath

· Use warm water to remove the first layers of dirt from the walls

· Leave some tile and grout cleaner on the walls

· Clean around the bathroom with an all-purpose cleaner

· Scrub the tiles and walls around your shower, use a grout brush for the space in between tiles

· Clean around the shower rack and rinse everything down

· Clean sink and countertops with tile and grout cleaner

· Use a grout brush to scrub drains and taps

· Clean any mirrors with glass cleaner, ensure your cloth is soft and clean in circles

· Shine your taps

· Clean the floor and let it air dry

· Replace all rugs, bins and other items

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

· Wipe all of your surfaces starting with any counters and cabinets

· Wipe down the fronts of appliances such as your fridge, freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher

· Clean the top of your stove, this also improves energy efficiency

· Soak any drip pans or removable parts from the stove

· Clean inside your appliances, including your microwave, oven and sink

· Sweep and mop the floor

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

· Make the bed

· Straighten out and rearrange any furniture or other items

· Reorganise any drawers and cupboards

· Fold clothes and put them away

Garage Cleaning Checklist

· Sweep your driveway and floor area

· Clear everything out of the garage

· Sort through belongings into piles for donation and selling etc.

· Hose down garage walls, doors and windows

· Refresh paint where necessary

· Clean down everything you are planning to keep

· Reconsider the layout and return all of your items

Living Room Cleaning Checklist

· Wash curtains and couch cushion covers

· Wipe down your ceiling fan and light fittings

· Wipe down walls and any decorations

· Clean any smudges from the TV

· Clean windows using a soft cloth and circular motions

· Return any furniture to its place

· Dry and put back covers on cushions

· Fluff pillows and straighten out cushions

Declutter & Utilise Storage Facilities

· Remove all items from drawers and closets

· Sift through belongings, sorting items into things to keep, throw, donate or sell

· Take out any rubbish

· Reorganise your drawers and wardrobes

· Use drawer dividers to keep things in their place

· Organise a yard sale to get rid of anything unwanted but still usable

· Contact storage facilities

· Clean down items that you plan to store

· Find a storage facility and let them know how much space you need and if there are any special requirements for your items

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