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Best Apps for Moving House

Moving house can be a stressful time, even if you’re excited to be moving to a new area. Where once we had to rely on paper lists and calling estate agents, our smartphones are now packed with house-moving apps that can simplify the process. We have taken a look into this so that we can recommend the best apps for moving house. While there are plenty to choose from, we have chosen the ones that are easy to navigate and come with innovative features to make your move more stress-free.


RightMove is the first app you should download once you know you are ready to move house. Not only does it have listings for over 800,000 homes that are ready to sell, but you can find a wide variety of rental options as well. You can search by both the area you want to live in and your budget range and you can save the properties that catch your eye, making them easier to go back to later.

Each listing will contain information on the local transport, schools, property history and any interesting facts about the local area. All of this is a great base to inspire you as you research a new area and immediately lets you know if a property is suitable for you and your family. Out of all of the apps for moving house, RightMove is the most essential to kickstart your search.

Toss – declutter fast and easy

It is inevitable that once you start packing you will find clothes, decor and maybe a few sentimental pieces that you are ready to let go of. In fact, moving is one of the best times to have a serious declutter, as you will be packing up everything you own. We know that sometimes this can be left a little last minute, leaving you with 15 black waste bags that are never going to fit in your general waste bin for the next collection.

Toss allows you to be a little more organised with your decluttering. You can input a list of unwanted items onto the app and it will plan when you should dispose of something in the lead up to your moving day. This helps you to gradually declutter and not overload your waste bin. You can even give it permission to send you daily notification reminders of the action you need to take to keep on track.


Sortly is more than a moving house app. Ideally, everyone would be using Sortly to keep an accurate account of their possessions and their value, if for any reason you needed to claim on your insurance. However, not all of us can be this organised, so moving is the perfect time to document what you have as you pack it.

You can create a visual inventory of your belongings with up to 8 photos, tags and notes and each item can be assigned a value. You can then organise these items in folders and sub-folders, making it easier to find each individual item. It is obvious why this is great if you have to make an insurance claim, but it could also help you to remember what is packed in each box. This can simplify the unpacking process, making it easier for you to find your essential items quickly.


AroundMe is perfect for anyone who feels a little bit anxious about moving to a new area. Instead of having to find your new favourite haunts on foot, AroundMe will scout out the local area for you and provide you with lists of facilities near your new home. This can include supermarkets, petrol stations, cafes and shops.

Often a new place doesn’t feel like home until you have your favourite restaurant, cafe and shops to visit, which is what makes AroundMe one of the best moving apps available. You can separate places into categories and search for bakeries, bars and gyms.

Moving Van

Moving Van is the ultimate app for highly organised movers who like to take a detailed inventory of their personal items. You can input into the app the contents of every single box you pack. This box can then be assigned a name or number, making it easier for you to find it later. You can upload photos and assign useful comments that will simplify the unpacking process.

This is particularly useful if you know you will not have the time to unpack every box in one go. You can easily find the essentials that you need quickly and then unpack the rest at a more convenient time.

How Cubic Storage can help make your move easier

The beauty of organising your possessions into boxes is that you can utilise storage facilities without worrying that you will forget which of your items are in storage. At Cubic Storage, we offer a range of different-sized storage units to suit you and the number of people living with you.
A storage unit is a perfect solution if you are worried that you will not have enough space in your new property, or need to work out different layouts for your furniture and belongings. You can work room by room, which is also helpful if you are renovating your new home. You can pick up boxes as and when each room is ready, moving at your own pace without lots of clutter creating a stressful space to live in. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can simplify the moving process.

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