Where to Get Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

Moving home can be expensive, but one unnecessary added expense is purchasing moving boxes when it’s easy to find them for free. Cardboard boxes are useful for more than just moving too – including decluttering your home or moving things into a personal storage unit.

You can always find cardboard boxes without having to shop for them online, whether you ask on social media or at your local supermarket, finding where to get free cardboard boxes in the UK has never been easier.

Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving House

Movers already have a long to do list when it comes to packing up the home and sourcing affordable moving boxes online shouldn’t be an additional stress or expense. To make your move as cost effective as possible, finding cardboard boxes for free could save a chunk of money – particularly if you need a lot of boxes.

So, instead of adding the extra expense, we can tell you where to get free cardboard boxes from to help make your move that little bit easier.

Social Media

One of the fastest and easiest ways to find yourself some free moving boxes is by asking on social media – one of your connections is bound to have some boxes in their home. You can simply write a status that reads: ‘Where can I get free cardboard boxes for moving house?’ and you’ll be sure to get responses aplenty. To make this even more convenient, if you have a community page, ask there! You’ll be able to get plenty of boxes and they will be local to you, so you don’t need to travel far to collect them.


If you have no luck on social media, FreeCycle is another good bet. The network consists of 9million members all over the world and the business concept is to give and get stuff for free in your local area. The purpose is to reuse items and keep them out of landfill. If you’re in need of boxes and you don’t know anyone who has any going spare, ask on FreeCycle and you’ll be able to find someone who can spare some.

Supermarket Chains

If you want the ease of not needing to find someone on social media to collect them from and a surplus of options, supermarket chains are the best option. There is a constant flurry of cardboard boxes that can be given away and you’ll usually be able to get the exact amount you need and then some.

Recycling Centre

Often when people think ‘Where can I find free cardboard boxes?’ the most obvious choice doesn’t stick out – the recycling centre! Most boxes you’ll find here will be flattened down, but if you pick up the sturdy and dry options, you’ll be able to hold it together with some firm packing tape.

You’ll always be able to find more than enough moving boxes for free, and if you’re downsizing your home, you can distribute some of the boxes into a personal storage unit.

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