What to do With My Spare Room: 8 Great Tips

Most of us have a spare room in our house, which we essentially use as storage space for all of our unused belongings and clothing. But you could put your spare room to good use! With excellent storage solutions available, such as our storage units – which come in a wide range of sizes – it’s a waste to use your spare room for storage.

Read on for some great ideas on what to do with your extra room.

Home Office

With recent events meaning that many people are now working from home either partially or full-time, a home office is a great idea if you don’t know what to do with your spare room. Kitting your space out with a desk, comfy chair, computer, and printer means that you have your own area in your house to work in; which is great if there are other people at home during the day.

Games Room

If you like playing board or card games with friends or family on a regular basis, having a separate area where you can do so is ideal. Make sure you have enough lighting and space for a few chairs, as well as a table and shelves to keep your games.

Guest Room

If you frequently have guests stay over, turning your spare room into a guest bedroom is a great idea. This way, you don’t have to put them up on the sofa or in your bed and they’ll have their own space to relax in. Add a comfortable bed, some shelving for clothes and storage, and maybe even a small desk if they need to do any work while they’re there.


For bookworms, we have a great spare room solution. Make yourself a peaceful reading area where you can immerse yourself in a good book after work. All you need to create a reading nook is an inviting armchair, a bright lamp, and a bookshelf filled with your favorite novels.

Home Gym

Staying in shape during the summer months is easy as you can go out for a walk or run, but maintaining any level of fitness during the winter can be a nuisance. However, by turning your spare room into a home gym, you can exercise all year round in the comfort of your own home. Investing in a piece of cardio equipment and some free weights is a great start to building your own gym. The money that you invest in exercise equipment could even be less than the amount that you would spend on gym fees.

Home Cinema

For movie lovers, buying a projector and screen to create your own cinema room is well worth the money. Watching movies on big screens in comfort at home can be just as enjoyable as going to watch them at the theaters, so why not try it out?

Music Room

Creating a space where you can play the piano or guitar is great if that’s your hobby, as you’ll always have somewhere to go to practice. It may be worth investing in some acoustic panels for soundproofing purposes though!

Craft Room

If you’re into knitting or crocheting, having your own craft room is a great idea. You can decorate the walls with shelves and pinboards for all of your patterns and materials to go on, while you sit in comfort at a big desk that has plenty of space to work on whatever projects you have going at the time.

We hope that we’ve provided you with some ideas for what to do with your extra space. But, after you’ve decided how to use your spare room, you’ll need to find a new home for all of your belongings that used to occupy this space. Your items that don’t belong anywhere else in the house can be stored in storage units so that they can remain clean, secure, and dry: you can still access them whenever necessary, but they won’t be taking up valuable room in your home.

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