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What storage unit size do I need? A simple guide

A storage unit can give you that little (or large) additional space you need for a number of requirements. Whether you’re looking for a spot to house your belongings during a house move, you’re setting up a new business and need somewhere to keep stock safe or simply having a clear out but don’t have the room to house those bits you intend to sell later, there’s a size here for you.

At Cubic, we have 20 storage unit sizes to choose from. Take your pick from the selection below to find one that suits your needs.


Things to bear in mind when choosing a storage unit:


  • It’s not just floor space you need to consider, you can stack your belongings to fit even more in! Units are usually over 6ft in height, so you can stack boxes and slot furniture together to get more in there.
  • How are you going to get your possessions to the unit? You may need a 60 sq. ft. unit but you also need to tackle how you’re going to move everything.
  • How long do you need the unit for? We’re really flexible when it comes to our units, so you can sign up whenever you need. When it comes to notice periods, personal use customers must give 14 days and business use 28 days – giving you plenty of time to move your belongings before your unit changes hands.


What storage unit size do I need? Choose from these sizes

Here, we’ve broken down the sizes we have available and what you can expect to fit in these.


Size Sizing Example Navigate
9 Square Foot A pantry cupboard Find out more
20 Square Foot A small telephone box Find out more
25 Square Foot A bike shed Find out more
30 Square Foot Loading area of a postal van Find out more
35 Square Foot Size of a large garden shed Find out more
50 Square Foot Average length of a typical British garden Find out more
75 Square Foot A family bathroom with a bathtub Find out more
100 Square Foot One bedroom flat Find out more
110 Square Foot Small bedroom Find out more
115 Square Foot Medium size bedroom Find out more
120 Square Foot Large garage Find out more
125 Square Foot Double bedroom Find out more
150 Square Foot Master bedroom and ensuite Find out more
175 Square Foot Static caravan Find out more
200 Square Foot Double garage Find out more
250 Square Foot One-room, studio flat in a city Find out more
300 Square Foot Three single garages Find out more
320 Square Foot Three single garages plus a utility room Find out more
500 Square Foot One bed flat Find out more



If you just need a small space to house a few belongings, a locker is the perfect choice. Whether it’s a spot for your ski kit when out of season or a location to keep a small amount of stock safe, we offer a range of lockers in our Southampton store.


9 sq. ft. storage unit

This unit is perfect if you’re looking to tuck away a few medium boxes and can stack them upon one another. You can probably get everything you want to place inside over to unit in one carload – with the seats put down in the back.


20 sq. ft. storage unit

Over double the space of our smallest unit size, you can comfortably fit a small van load of your belongings in this space. This size unit is ideal for storing personal items, such as your Christmas decor – including the inflatable snowman you perhaps put out on the lawn – as well as seasonal gardening tools that take up too much space in the shed. When it comes to boxes, you should be able to fit around 50 medium size boxes in there.


25 sq. ft. storage unit

A 25 sq. ft. unit could be the size you need if you have a small number of belongings you need to keep out of the way and are in the transition of moving home. It’s the ideal size to fit in a number of larger boxes, plus some suitcases of clothes.


30 sq. ft. storage unit

This unit size is ideal for storing away larger tools and equipment, furniture or even appliances that you no longer need but intend to sell later, such as a fridge and chest freezer. You’ll need a van or plan for a number of car trips to get everything you’re going to fit in this size unit, over to the store.


35 sq. ft. storage unit

You can easily fit everything from the family bikes to a range of boxes and tools in this unit to keep them out of the way. Perhaps you’ve moved house and don’t have a shed in the garden? This unit size is the perfect option to tide you over.


50 sq. ft. storage unit

The contents of a transit van will easily fit in this storage unit. A single bed, a washing machine, a wardrobe box and a number of boxes can fit in this space – ideal if you’re perhaps moving out of a one bed flat and need somewhere to store your belongings before your next place is ready.


75 sq. ft. storage unit

A unit this size can accommodate the larger contents of a two-bed house, such as your bed and mattress, sofa and electrical appliances. It’s ideal if you’re perhaps renovating your home and need somewhere to house these types of belongings while work is being carried out.


100 sq. ft. storage unit

Around the same size as a standard garage, you may not use it for your car but you can definitely fill it up with everything you would usually store in that space. Perhaps you actually have a garage renovation planned and need somewhere to house the belongings before you decide where to move them to?


110 sq. ft. storage unit

Another 10 sq. ft. can be the difference between fitting in that extra piece of furniture or not. It’s the ideal size for those who have a little more to pack away. If you’re a business, it’s also the ideal size to house the contents of a small office move, from desks to computer chairs and even computer equipment.


115 sq. ft. storage unit

We offer a small amount of these unit sizes, they can easily fit in furniture and appliances from a house move plus most of the contents of the house itself. This allows you to keep everything safe and secure while transitioning between properties.


120 sq. ft. storage unit

The contents of a large garage will easily fit in this space. You can comfortably add a full sofa set, appliances and bulkier items with no issue – as well as your boxes holding your worldly belongings.


125 sq. ft. storage unit

The contents of a three-bed house can fit in this size unit, ready for that big renovation project or house move. Everything from the dining table to the sun loungers will squeeze in, if you make full use of the space and stack items on top of one another.


150 sq. ft. storage unit

If you’d prefer not to play Jenga with your furniture, opt for a 150 sq. ft. storage unit to comfortably fit the contents of your three-bed house.


175 sq. ft. storage unit

Squeeze the contents of another room into this space, ideal for renovators of four-bed houses. For a business, it’s an excellent size to house your stock or to keep ex-stock safe until you’re ready to sell it off.


200 sq. ft. storage unit

You’re playing with a unit that could easily accommodate two cars – plus additional storage space. That means your furniture and everything but the kitchen sink from a four-bed house can be stacked and made to fit in here.


250 sq. ft. storage unit

While you may not want to necessarily live in an area this size, it is definitely large enough to accommodate your needs. Sofas from the living room and perhaps a second reception area or dining room can easily fit in this space, plus the rest of the contents of a four-bed house.


300 sq. ft. storage unit

We’re dealing with some serious space now. This large storage unit is ideal for those who want to house all of their furniture and ensure it remains undamaged while moving it in and out. For a growing business, it’s the perfect size when increasing stock and can even be comfortably worked from when dealing with packaging and sending out orders.


320 sq. ft. storage unit

That extra 20 sq. ft. could give a business owner working from the unit the additional room for a filing cabinet, printer and tea making area to really enhance comfort levels during busy periods.


500 sq. ft. storage unit

Essentially the size of a single person office, this unit accommodates a large amount and is ideal for businesses perhaps prepping for busy seasons or if you have a large family and are renovating your home.

Still unsure? Have a chat with our team  and get a quote today for a storage unit that suits your needs.

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