What Size Storage Unit For 4 Bedroom House

When you’re planning to move home or perhaps even relocating for a time, you may choose to put most of your items into storage. Whether you’re going overseas or staying elsewhere and you’re choosing to rent out your home, it can be something that may leave you wondering where you can keep all of your items. It’s important to remember that one size does not fit all, but we can certainly help you in the right direction. We have an extensive guide to help you make the right choice on size depending on your individual needs, you don’t want to be stuck with too much or too little. 

Choosing the Right Storage Size

Anything upwards of 160 sqft can usually be considered a safe size for a four bedroom home, but it’s important to remember that just because your size matches, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll fit your items into a set size storage unit – nor does it mean you’ll need one that big. One of the best ways to truly be able to determine the size of your storage unit would be by collecting the room measurements and working out the number which you will need, but for ease, you may want to follow our tips and tricks on determining what size unit would be best for you. But remember, if you do need any advice, you can speak to one of the members of our team and we can help support you every step of the way.

Types of Storage Sizes

We have a wide range of types of storage which will suit your needs, but if you’re looking for something to cover a four bedroom home, our main-base model will be your best bet, you’ll just need to decide on the size. From a small locker to covering a large four-bedroom home, our sizes go up to 250 sqft which would be more than enough space, but you can also extend the height of it too. Although most units are 8ft tall, which would fit most household items, if you deem it necessary you can get a 9ft tall storage unit to gather that little extra space. 

The Perfect Unit Size for a 4 Bedroom House

Finding the perfect size for your home can be tricky, particularly with so many options to choose from. It’s not as easy as simply looking at a property and taking a guess, nor is it the same rule for everyone, but we have a rough guide as to which sized unit would be best for a four bedroom home. 

160 sqft Unit

Depending on the size of the rooms and cupboard space, a small four bedroom home could benefit from a unit of 160 sqft and above. A 150 sqft home would cover a large three bedroom home, so you’ll just need that little bit of extra space to ensure you’re fully covered. If you have a medium four bedroom home, our experts would recommend a 200sqft storage unit, which is roughly the same size as a double garage. If you have a large four bedroom home, a 250 sqft unit might be best, which is roughly the size of a large double garage. 

Considerations Before Choosing Your Unit

Don’t simply pick a unit just based on convenience, particularly if you’re moving away or if you won’t be in the area for a while. It’s important to pick the best one for you based on size, convenience, proximity and their security features. CCTV is a must and it’s also important to ensure the number of people on site is kept at a minimum. At Cubic, safety comes first, and we have a wide range of storage units from just 9sqft to 250sqft, something which should suit all your needs. 

If you need storage units in either Farnborough or Southampton please get in touch with the Cubic team!

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