What Can You Fit In A 5 x 5 Sq Ft Storage Unit

A 5 x 5 sq ft storage is probably one of the best options if you just need that little bit of extra space, or if you’re a student. For someone who is packing up their home, a bigger unit is usually required, but you’d be surprised at what can fit in a 5 x 5 sq ft storage unit.

What Are The Dimensions Of A 5 x 5 Sq Ft Storage Unit?

At approximately 60” x 60”, and around 8ft tall, 5 x 5 sq ft units are best for things that are tall and thin, or you can stack a number of boxes. It is roughly the same size as a small wardrobe, so if you think you would have been able to fit your goods in your wardrobe, then it is likely to fit in your storage unit too.

Uses For A 5 x 5 Sq Ft Storage Unit

There are countless ways that a storage unit of this size would be convenient for you, particularly for those of you who have limited attic space. Whether you’d like to keep certain items, like suitcases, or seasonal bits and pieces in your unit, you’ll find it convenient to have it somewhere which is not only easy to get to, but will fit everything you need. We’ve listed some of the items most often stored in a 5 x 5 sq ft storage space to give you a greater idea about what you can fit in there.

Furniture Items

Mattresses, perhaps a queen-sized and a single, would fit in a 5 x 5 sq ft storage unit, as would various other household items including a flat-screen TV, lamps, some smaller chest of drawers etc. This size unit would be convenient for various reasons, but particularly if you are renting out your home furnished and have a number of personal items which you want to keep separate.

Seasonal Items

Christmas trees, decorations, Halloween décor and the like could be conveniently stored in a 5 x 5 sq ft storage unit. As long as your storage unit is in a convenient location, then you will be able to pop along to the facility, often with 24/7 access and get your belongings in time for the festive season. This is particularly helpful if you are living in a home with a small attic and need the extra space to be able to keep your home clutter-free.

Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, you may find that you have banners, bags and other bits and pieces to distribute and market your company. These can be used at events or by your office, but particularly if you’re heading to events you may need a little extra space to store your items, and a 5 x 5 sq ft storage unit would be perfect to prevent them cluttering up your business premises.

Student Storage

There is nothing worse as a student than the continuously moving of stuff back and forth during your time in a different city. It would be better to keep some of your belongings in a storage unit so when it comes to travelling home for the summer, your main concern is taking suitcases filled with your personal items, rather than furniture and and boxes of household essentials. Ironing boards, bedside lamps and even small drawers will all fit in a storage unit, so make the most of the facilities near your chosen university.

How Much Is A 5 x 5 Sq Ft Storage Unit?

The price of your personal storage unit will vary depending on many factors, including how long you require it, the specific size and when it is required. Sometimes there are offers available to keep your eyes peeled for, so don’t forget to check what is available. Prices will always vary, but you can get in touch with Cubic Storage for a quote and we will provide you with the best price available.

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