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Safely Storing a Piano In A Storage Unit

A piano can be a difficult thing to store. They’re large, heavy, and often expensive, so you want to know you have a storage unit that is big enough, safe, and secure, so your piano isn’t damaged in storage. You need a large, secure unit like the ones offered by Cubic Storage. Here’s how to safely store a piano in a storage unit.

Cleaning Your Piano Before Storage

Before you put your piano into storage, you need to make sure it is cleaned first. Any dirt left on the piano can cause long-term damage.

Use a soft cloth or a feather duster to brush any dust off the cover and the keys. Be gentle so you don’t scratch the surface of the piano.

Use a damp, lint-free cloth to wipe down the keys. Wipe them over with a dry cloth afterwards to get rid of any moisture that the damp cloth has left behind. Always wipe with an up and down motion when you’re cleaning piano keys, as wiping side to side could cause dust or water to get in between the keys.

Use a second damp, soft cloth and wipe down the outside surfaces of the piano. Dry all the surfaces as soon as you’ve finished to remove the moisture.

If you’re not confident cleaning your piano yourself, hire a professional.

Check what materials your piano is made of, and make sure you always test any cleaning products on a small, hidden area before you start. Never use rough materials or harsh chemicals, and don’t put cleaning products directly onto the keys. Don’t let water get between the keys either, as this will cause damage.

Protecting your Piano in Storage

To protect your piano while it’s in storage, you need the right packing materials to protect it and keep all the parts in place. This is very important, as any damage can be very expensive to repair.

After you’ve cleaned the piano, gather breathable packing materials to protect it, but still allow air to circulate.

You can use heavy blankets, bedding, or furniture pads to protect against scuffs or marks. Use packing tape or rope to secure this protection.

Place a soft cloth or dust cover over the keys before you close the lid to give extra protection against accidental spills and to prevent dust from building up between the keys.

As the last layer, for some extra padding, add on some plastic wrap. Don’t use plastic wrap on the piano itself, as it won’t allow any air to circulate.

Bungee cords can be useful depending on the kind of piano you have, and how you’re planning to move it.

Your piano should be stored upright and off the floor, so it is kept away from moisture and dirt. You can use more blankets to stop the outside from being scratched. Don’t lay your piano on its side. Doing so could warp the frame. Don’t be tempted to skip the padding either, as your piano will be at risk of being badly damaged.

Maintaining Your Piano in Storage

Pianos are expensive and often fragile items that often have a lot of sentimental value too, so you want to make sure it’s safe wherever you’re storing it. To make sure everything is ok and to give yourself peace of mind, it’s a good idea to check on your piano occasionally while it’s being stored. Stop by every so often to check on how it is doing. If you are storing the piano for a longer period of time, you should pay a visit to your storage unit about every other month. While you’re there, carefully unwrap the piano so it has a little room to breathe.

If you make regular visits to check on it, you will know quickly if any damage does occur and have a much better chance of putting it right before it becomes a bigger or more expensive problem.

Check on your piano regularly to make sure it is still in perfect condition, and that it hasn’t taken any damage while it is in storage.

While it might be tempting, don’t play your piano while it is in storage. Try to avoid unwrapping all the protection around it too frequently. Unwrapping it every other month to let it breathe is enough. More than that can cause problems instead of protecting the piano.

It can help to talk to the company that owns the storage unit about what on-site security and climate control they have, so you know your piano is safe.

If you’re in search of a storage unit to store your piano, Cubic Storage can help. Get in touch with a member of our expert team for more information.

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