7 Reasons Storage Units Can Help When Moving House

Moving home requires a lot of planning, effort and logistical considerations. For these reasons, many people are now choosing to use storage. But what is it? And how can it benefit you?

Moving House Storage & Why you Need it

Moving house storage provides you with an extra place to put all your possessions during your move. Instead of trying to cram the whole process into a single day, you can spread it out over several days or even weeks, taking the pressure off and giving you more time.

Moving house storage is precisely what it sounds like: space to put your possessions while you relocate. Companies that run these facilities monitor them around the clock and offer exceptional security, keeping your valuables safe. No wonder they are so popular!

Check out the following reasons why moving house storage is utterly essential:


Research shows that buyers are much more likely to purchase decluttered homes than their messy counterparts, making it one of the top tips for moving house. But, unfortunately, many homeowners lack the necessary storage space to keep everything out of sight.

Naturally, third-party storage units can help. These provide plenty of space while also keeping your possessions protected and secure.

Moving house can be timely

People also use storage because they help them move home at the right time. As somebody looking to move, you don’t always know when a property transaction is going to go through. It often depends on what’s happening in other parts of the chain. Having storage as an option allows you to be more flexible, without having to transport all your possessions to your new location in a single day.

Unplanned Problems

Storage is also ideal for dealing with unplanned problems.

Let’s say, for instance, that the home you want to move into isn’t ready yet because of overrunning renovations, but you’ve already sold your main property. Storage allows you to stay in a hotel while you wait for work to finish, knowing that you can easily transport your possessions to your new location when the time is right.

Makes Life Easier

Storage can even make your life easier.

Moving home can be an emotionally and financially challenging event. You often feel like your mind is working overtime. But when you have the option of storing your possessions at a third-party location, it takes the pressure off.

It also makes the process of moving all your belongings considerably easier. You don’t have to do it all in one go. Instead, you can either take bits and pieces yourself by car or get a removal company to do it for you.

Your New Home Needs Cleaning

Sometimes, your new home needs a thorough clean before you’re ready to move in – a process can take a couple of days, depending on the size of the property and the amount of work you need to do. Asking the removal company to wait outside with your possessions in their truck while you clean isn’t usually an option.

Again, storage can help. It gives you breathing space and makes the entire property available for cleaning. And there’s no clutter getting in the way that could prevent you from removing dirt.

Moving Abroad

Those moving abroad stand to benefit from storage as well. Usually, taking all your possessions to a foreign country is prohibitively expensive. Technically you can do it by using specialist removal firms who send your items to your new location by boat. But they will charge you a high fee for the privilege.

For this reason, many movers prefer to store their possessions instead. It allows them to protect their property while they’re away and then use it at a later date when they return home.

Makes Your Home More Sellable

Lastly, using storage can actually help make your home more sellable. In today’s market, buyers want properties that look like show homes – places they can imagine themselves living in the future. If your home is bright, airy, and full of space, then they will find it much more appealing. However, if it is full of clutter, they may find it difficult to see the potential behind the mess.

Again, storage units can help. They let you store away all the things you don’t need right now, opening up your home and making it more appealing. You can use them to keep large pieces of furniture out of the way or keep quirky items out of sight, helping to make your floorspace bigger and home more spacious.

If you decide a storage unit is the perfect option to help when moving house then get in touch with Cubic Storage!

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