The pros and cons of renovating your home

You’ve managed to style your home just the way you like but now, for whatever reason whether it’s a baby on the way or you’re just feeling a little cramped, you may be wondering whether to renovate and extend the property or move to a new one.

Renovating your home and adding to your property is an exciting feat and for those living in an area they love it can be the ideal option. However, there are some hurdles to overcome and here we’ve considered both the pros and the cons of renovating your home before you get started.

The pros of renovating your home

You don’t need to sell your home

Selling a property is notoriously stressful and the moving process that comes after only adds to this. If you can avoid selling your home then that’s one less big job to deal with, less packing up of your belongings and no anxious waits for money to go through, mortgage applications and hiring movers.

Of course, while work on your home is being carried out you may need to pack up some possessions but these can be stored easily in a dedicated storage unit and you’ll only need to clear the rooms the builders will be working in.

You can stay in your ideal location

If your property is situated close to your chosen school for your kids or near great shops and parks, you may struggle to find something as perfectly suited elsewhere. Instead, extending and renovating can bring a new lease of life to your property and give you more time to enjoy it.

You can make design decisions on everything

An extension and full renovation give you the opportunity to create a space that is tailored perfectly to your tastes. Want chrome plug sockets? Skip the basic white and have these fitted instead. Prefer dark wood flooring? That’s no problem. Don’t like coving around the ceilings? You don’t have to have this installed. You can have fun designing the perfect space for your needs from scratch to enjoy for a long time after.

You can change the layout of your home

The great thing about renovating and extending a property means you can shake up the layout. Who says the kitchen needs to be at the front of the house? You could swap these spaces around to better suit your needs and how you live day to day. Perhaps you want to add another bathroom downstairs? Or bi-fold doors along the back of the house that open up onto the garden. Have fun with the layout and create a truly unique space to enjoy with your loved ones.

Cons to renovating your home

You’ll need to deal with some upheaval

While this won’t be as stressful as moving all your belongings in just one day, there will be some upheaval to your everyday routine and you may need to stay somewhere else while essential work is done to your property.

You may need to borrow money to fund the renovations

Many people do this via remortgaging. However, some look to personal loans to fund renovations on their property. Whatever you decide, it’s important you carry out research beforehand to get the best deal and choose a loan that you can afford the repayments in the coming months or years.

You may be unsure who to choose when it comes to builders and architects

Finding reliable tradesmen can feel like navigating a minefield. No one wants to get stung by cowboy builders or a company that doesn’t do a great job. You also don’t want to pay more than you need to. Research is key to finding the right builders for your renovations, take a look at our tips below to help smooth out this process.

You might uncover an expensive fix

Sometimes, when building work is underway, an underlying problem is discovered that puts the project on hold and requires you to pay out for the repair work. It’s a good idea to be prepared for any eventuality and to understand that the timeline you’re working to will likely shift if things come up that hinder the project.

You may go over budget

It’s easy for budgets to become stretched as more work needs to be done than expected or you discover your initial plans won’t quite work so you need to find an alternative. It’s likely you’ll spend a little more than you initially intended, so ensure you have a plan in place to account for this to avoid unnecessary financial strain.

Tips for renovating and extending your home

  1. Always seek out planning permission first, you don’t want to start renovations or extending your property to discover that the work isn’t allowed and needs to be torn down again!
  2. When looking for a builder, it’s recommended that you search for a company through the Federation for Master Builders (FMB) website. These builders are accredited by the FMB and provide quality services.
  3. The official planning portal site has a huge range of detailed guides and information to help you get started.
  4. Check if the works you are planning to do require Building Regulation approval. Your local council can help you here.
  5. Choose a storage facility close to your home to make collecting necessary items throughout the renovation process easier. If you’re based in Southampton or Farnborough, you’ll find our storage units available to house your belongings in a clean and dry environment.
  6. Speak to friends and family who have done it before for tips and guidance. They may be able to recommend tradesmen and help you better understand where to start your renovating journey.

Ready to renovate your home to enjoy more space and decor that suits your needs and personality? Take on these tips, weigh up the pros and cons and try to enjoy the process.

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