Power tool storage ideas

Many of us have a range of hand tools and power tools that we use regularly but may find it difficult to source the one we need for the job at hand.

This is why we’ve created this helpful guide featuring a range of tool storage ideas to ensure your equipment is always ready to go, easy to access and can be safely stored for later. 

Power tool storage ideas for around your home

From your cordless drill to that impressive power saw, here are some tips for creating safe and easy to access storage.

Create a cordless drill charging station

Completely remodelling a kitchen can be an expensive and time consuming exercise, but there are many effective ways to update your kitchen without the elevated cost and hassle.

For many of us, when our cordless drill needs a charge there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find a spare plug and unravelling the tangled charging cord. So, why not create a dedicated shelf to your power drill? Featuring a hole for the charger cable and space for the docking station to sit, it will always be ready to pop your drill on when it’s low on battery.

You could even secure an extension lead along the back of the shelf and use this to plug in several power tool chargers. Take a look at this tutorial by Her Tool Belt for more.

Storage trolley

You can pick up a storage trolley online or in your local hobby store. They typically come with two or three shelves and are on wheels so you can store your power tools neatly and easily move them around, wherever you need to go. This means no heavy lifting for those larger tools and a tidy storage solution, whatever job you’re carrying out.

PVC pipes

Have several drills you need to neatly store away? PVC pipe is a great solution, simply notch a slit into the pipe that matches your drill, screw this into the underside of a shelf then slot your drill in. Easy! Tool Box Buzz has some tips on how to do this here.

How to prepare your tools for storage

Before you put any tool away, it must be prepped for storage. Tools such as power saws and sharp cutting blades need to be covered, to ensure you don’t injure yourself while taking them back out and tools with working parts should be lubricated so they don’t seize up or break when they are next used.

Follow our tips below, for preparing your tools for storage:

1.   Clean used tools thoroughly

Make sure saws are free of dust and dirt, wipe down any scrapers or knives that have been used with silicone or paint and ensure any grease is removed with a rag. You should also make sure your tools are completely dry before storing them away, to prevent any rust from building up and affecting their performance in the future.

2.   Lubricate tools so they’re always ready for future use

Any tools that have working parts can be lubricated with WD-40 to ensure they move freely when you next need them. You can also wipe down and clean rusty tools with WD-40, simply spray it on the area, leave then wipe with steel wool to remove surface rust.

3.   Check for any broken tools

There’s not much point finding a home for these, so while sorting your tools get rid of any that are no longer fit for purpose.

4.   Put protective covers on sharp tools

Make sure saws have blade covers and Stanley knives are fully retracted before storing them away. This means no one cuts themselves while getting them out of storage, saving fingers and hands from injury.

Storage ideas for smaller, hand tools



Hooks are perhaps the easiest form of storage for hand tools, simply hammer a nail or hook into the wall and hang your tool from this to create a simple but easy to access storage solution. Pegboards are another good idea, as you can move the hooks around as required to accommodate tools of all sizes


Toolboxes are an excellent solution if you’re limited on space and want to keep clutter to a minimum, however, it’s important you create some form of order to avoid simply throwing your tools in the box in the future and finding it difficult to locate them when you need them.

Rubber mats in any pull out drawers ensure smaller hand tools such as screwdrivers don’t roll around and get mixed up or you can buy tool organisers that slot into the box and feature compartments to keep items separate.


Store those smaller tools you need regularly in an apron, you can wear this to protect your clothing from marks and spills but also hang it in your working area to quickly access those items you need.

Over the door shoe holder

Canvas shoe holders that hang over the door are a great tool storage solution for quick and easy access to those items you need. Use it to hold everything from screwdrivers to loose nails to paintbrushes and even those random nuts and bolts you find in your pocket that you don’t have a home for.

Cutlery organisers in drawers

If you have a workbench with drawers, pop some cutlery dividers in there and organise your screwdrivers and nails. This means they’re easier to find and are already organised by size or need.

Organiser bins

Take a few of these and simply attach them to the underside of shelves in your garage or workshop. You can then use these to store everything from screwdrivers to nails.

Strong magnets

Purchase a strong magnetic strip and secure this to your wall, then simply add metal tools onto this to hold them in place. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for flexible tool storage, and don’t want to limit your options with hooks and nails. The magnet must be the strongest you can find, to ensure tools don’t fall off and cause damage. Stores such as Screwfix and B&Q sell purpose made magnetic strips if you don’t fancy making one yourself.


Need to store larger tools?

No problem! Cubic has a storage unit that can house those important tools you don’t need regularly. Keep your tools stored in a secure, CCTV monitored and individually alarmed unit. You can also access your tools 24/7, so you can get your hands on the right equipment no matter what time you need to carry out some DIY. Get a quote today.

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