Moving Back to the UK Checklist: Everything you Need to Know

Moving back to the UK after any length of time away is going to be difficult; whether it’s arranging times to meet old friends, getting back into the swing of your job or perhaps even finding a new one. Possibly the most difficult thing however, is organising and planning for the move.

Returning to the UK After Living Abroad

It is no secret that there will be a long list of things that you need to do before you return home, particularly if you’ve been living abroad for a long time. You’ll be preparing to declutter your home overseas and take back only what you need to the UK – remember, the weather isn’t as nice in the UK as it is elsewhere, so don’t forget to bring your jumpers home.

Moving Back to the UK Checklist:

To help you prepare for your next big step, we have considered the key things you need to plan for and organise in time for returning home to allow for a smooth transition for a British passport holder returning to the UK.

Find a New Home

You might be moving back to the UK to reunite with your family, but if not, you could be moving to another new place that you haven’t been to before. Looking for a new home and the right place for you is vital when it comes to moving from abroad; if you haven’t had the opportunity to look at the house in person, it could be worth renting or going into temporary accommodation before you make the big step to purchase a home.

If you’re moving to a new area in the UK you can research the area using a property report, this will help you find out crime rates, house prices, local schools, and anything else that might be important to you.

Organise a Reputable International Removal Firm & Storage Company

The next step would be to ensure you have a reputable international removal firm and storage company ready for you. Having someone you trust to move your belongings to either a new home or to a storage unit is vital, and it’s important to have somewhere to put your things once you arrive.

A storage company would be ideal if you’re living in rented accommodation for a short amount of time, or trying to get on your feet before you empty the boxes completely. If you’re looking further down south, Southampton storage facilities would be a great place to look, particularly if you’re not sure on a set location to buy your property.

The outskirts of London might be a key area for you if you’re moving back for a job, but living further out of the city will be sure to save you some money — in which case, Farnborough storage facilities will be ideal for you, giving you the flexibility to move closer to London if you wish.


Get yourself set up with HMRC so you can collect any benefits owed to you or so you can start paying your taxes and national insurance once again. Once you speak to HMRC and let them know what your work status is, they will sort your tax code without it being a cause for concern later down the line.

You should also speak to HMRC regarding national insurance and ask if you need to top up any contributions – this will help you in the long run so you’re not penalised for any future benefits you may wish to collect.

Contact the Department for Work and Pension about transferring any funds which you have been paying since you have been working overseas and seek advice regarding topping up your state pension.

Finally, make sure you have your bank account set up – if you still have your UK bank account, you can transfer it over, but if not, make sure you have one ready to use when you’re back home.

Family Considerations

f you have children, make sure you have notified their school that they will be leaving and going to the UK; you should reach out to the local authority and inform them that your child will need a school place and begin looking. If you aim to do so in the school holidays, your child will have longer to settle in before starting their first term at their new school.

Get yourself registered with a GP too! Find one locally to you and ask for a registration form as soon as you can, this makes it a lot easier for when you need to visit.

Mail Forwarding

Let everyone know as soon as you can that you’re moving, and give them your new address! Change any bank cards, store cards and other letters to your new home in the UK. It is possible to rent a PO box for incoming mail to be redirected to if you haven’t found your perfect home back in the UK just yet.

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