How To Store Furniture in a Storage Unit

Our storage units are a safe space to keep your furniture and belongings regardless of your need, whether that is moving house, student storage or general needs. However, there are some precautions that you as the owner should take to ensure that when you pull your belongings out of storage once more, they’re still in mint condition. If you’re concerned about what you need to do, don’t worry! We can advise you there. 

Protecting General Furniture in Storage

Before you put your items into a storage unit you should put a protective layer on the floor, something to try and keep any of your items off direct contact with the floor ever so slightly. Whether this is a pallet, cardboard boxes or some material, this will help ensure that your furniture remains in tip-top shape. It’s also important to ensure you’ve picked the right size storage unit for your furniture. You don’t want too many things piled on top of one another as over time they will lose shape or break. You can get advice from our experts in regards to size and finding the perfect unit for you. But what else can you do to ensure your furniture is kept well-protected? 

Clean Everything Thoroughly

Where possible, you should avoid putting uncleaned furniture into storage, as in a closed unit it is likely to begin to smell and deteriorate. However, if you give it an intense clean prior to it being locked away then it will be easier to keep it in a good condition. Any mud, crumbs or debris should be removed to ensure that no damp or mould will appear on your furniture. Ensure that you have fully hoovered every aspect of your furniture, all drawers are emptied and there is no remaining dirt. 

Wrap Furniture for long term storage

Keep your furniture covered to protect it as best you can, you can use sheets, blankets, plastic or anything with strong coverage to keep it safe from dust and moisture. It is best to avoid using anything which is too thick that could seal in moisture and will cause condensation; this could result in swelling or damp, which would make the furniture unusable once you choose to remove it. The best kind of coverage would be that of a sheet, loosely placed over the furniture. 

Protect Glass Items

Remember to wrap your glass items and place them neatly in a box, don’t freely put your items in the storage space. Glass is easily broken and not only will you want to use your items once you take it out of storage, but you also won’t want to hurt yourself when you’re removing it. Newspaper, bubble wrap and sheets are a good choice to place in the box when it comes to keeping your breakable items safe. 

How to Store Leather Furniture in a Unit

Prioritise the cleaning process when it comes to all leather furniture. Anything left unclean will show once you remove it from storage, so give it a thorough wipe down prior to placing it in your unit. Once you have cleaned it, you should find something to soak up the moisture in the storage unit, the best options for this is either charcoal or cat litter – this will increase the life of your leather items and keep it feeling and looking fresh. Once you’re ready, place it in the unit and cover it with a sheet.

How to protect Wood Furniture in Storage

A polishing wax should be placed as a top coat on any wooden furniture items to ensure they are kept in tip top condition and safe from moisture. Measures to reduce moisture – such as the charcoal or cat litter – will also be beneficial for wooden furniture. Once you have thoroughly cleaned it and placed a top coat on it, you can cover it up and store it away. 

If you need any tips or professional advice on which storage unit would be the best fit for your items, you can contact our experienced team at Cubic.

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