How to make storage boxes for your home

Whether you need to neaten up the inside of your wardrobe, organise your jewellery, kitchen spices or even important documents, you can create fresh storage with little fuss.

We don’t wear up to 50% of the items in our wardrobes – and this is probably because we can’t ever find anything amongst the clutter! So, creating storage boxes to help you gain easy access to all those pieces you forgot you had is a great idea. And we all know the feeling of frustration when you can’t find that important document you need.


Before you get flustered, first have a clear out room by room in your home and sort items into piles you want to keep, give to charity, recycle and things that need throwing away. Tackling your storage issues is made far easier by first streamlining your possessions and getting things organised.

Use what you have available

However, if after you declutter you still require additional storage space then there’s a great homemade option available. Tidy away items such as important documents, clothing, jewellery, shoes or even toiletries with homemade storage boxes.

This is where all of those discarded cardboard boxes, shoeboxes or fruit and veg trays you have laying around come in handy. These can all be transformed into the perfect storage solutions, whether you need them to be practical and tucked away or decorative and on display.

What’s great about creating storage boxes for your home is it’s simple to achieve, cost effective and can create long term storage solutions to make your life easier.

How to make storage boxes from cardboard

Cardboard is probably the easiest material to work with, and the most accessible as there’s a good chance you’ll have some boxes around your house already. Even if you don’t, you can pop into your local shops or even the supermarket and ask if they have boxes you can use – also a great tip for people moving house.

The main tools you’ll need are scissors and tape for practical fixings – if you want to get decorative then you can choose from a range of materials. Glue, coloured paper, various fabrics such as hessian or felt and acrylic or craft paints can all be used to jazz up your new favourite storage solutions.

If you need practical storage to tuck away out of sight, you’ll simply need to cut the box to the size you require and reinforce with tape to make it nice and sturdy. This type of storage is ideal for organising the smaller items in your wardrobe such as scarves, belts and t-shirts, also for keeping important documents safe.

For something more decorative, cut the box to the size you require as previously, reinforce with tape so it’s stable enough to safely hold your items and get crafting.

If you need an attractive, yet convenient piece of storage for items such as jewellery or a way to neaten the toiletries on your dresser, then this is ideal.

Cover the box in paper matching the decor of your room, create a stencil with Scotch tape and paint on a pattern or even embellish the box with your choice of accessory.

Turn this creation of brand-new storage space into a fun craft project and you’ll have your house in order in no time.

If, after your clear out, you’ve discovered items you aren’t quite ready to part with, or you need but have no space for, then invest in the assistance of a storage unit. Choosing to store your belongings can really take the strain away whether you’re moving home or simply running out of space. With 24 hour access available, along with alarmed security and great price options, storage can really help.

You can even purchase boxes from Cubic Storage in store to help things run smoothly. Once you’ve reached the stage that you’re ready to unpack your storage unit, remember to upcycle these boxes into brand new storage solutions for your home.

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