How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Small and compact rooms can be incredibly useful, whether it’s your bedroom, a storage space or an office. If you know how to make the most of your space, then you’ll certainly recognise the benefits of having a smaller-sized room. It does mean that you need to be a little clever when it comes to clutter – but we have all the best tips and ideas to make a small room look bigger.

Whether for appearance purposes or if you generally want to make the room bigger and more spacious, we have a range of tips to help you out.

Tip 1: Declutter

Before you can begin to focus on making your room look bigger, you have to declutter, otherwise you’ll get nowhere! Clear out the room and make it fit for purpose, then the bigger spaces will appear.

Tip 2: Avoid Dark Colours

Dark colours can make a room appear smaller and more compact, so if you opt for neutrals and light colours, you’re more likely to notice the size of your room and be able to make the most out of the space. If the room has windows, you’ll benefit from natural light which will bounce off the light colours, making the room appear larger.

Tip 3: Wooden floors

Wooden floors do tend to make rooms appear bigger, again because the sun can reflect off them. While it can give less of a cosy feel, for smaller rooms like bedrooms, offices and storage spaces, a hard floor can certainly make the room appear slightly larger.

Tip 4: Add A Large Mirror

Mirrors will make any area appear bigger due to its reflective nature, so if you’re after the appearance of a larger room, a mirror can certainly help give that effect. However, if you’re looking for tips to actually give you more space in your room – pay attention to the following!

Tip 5: Ottoman

You can turn almost anything into an ottoman nowadays, from your bed to your seat, and don’t miss an opportunity to use it. They can act as one of the best forms of furniture storage and a useful household item in one go, making it the perfect piece to add to your small room in a bid to keep it simple.

Tip 6: Use Your Space Wisely

From the floor to the ceiling, use your space wisely. If your bedroom is small, instead of getting a flat-packed wardrobe, try investing in a built-in version which means you can utilise the full space you have available.

Tip 7: Drawers

An obvious, yet important one is to make sure that you have full access to drawers. A small room can be made so much more efficient if you have a variety of drawers and cupboards to put your items in – whether this is clothes in your bedroom or office supplies, you’ll find that they soon fill up.

Tip 8: Shelves

They’re not just there to display your pretty things. When you think about how to make a small space look bigger, shelves will definitely help. They’re on the wall and out of the way and you can store multiple things on them while keeping the rest of the room looking tidy. From photos to perfumes, skincare and documents, shelves can help anyone fix any room.

Tip 9: Opt For A Storage Unit

If you’re still running low on space, it might be beneficial to look at getting a storage unit. That way you can still keep hold of all of your belongings, but it won’t be filling up space in your small room. You can store them there as long as you need and there are a range of sizes available to choose from.

For more information on finding a storage unit that works for you, click here.

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