Home office ideas: create the perfect workspace

With more and more businesses exploring the benefits of remote working, you may find yourself needing a home office. It may also be the case that you’ve set up your own business and are working from home or simply want a designated area for studying. Either way, having a home office offers a dedicated working environment, ensuring you don’t get distracted by the TV or tempted to crawl back into bed. We look into why every home needs one, as well as how you can create a professional space in any room of the house

The benefits of working remotely

While you may think working from home will end up being unproductive, that’s far from true. As long as you set up your office correctly – which we’ll get to later – there are a number of positives for doing so.

  1. Flexibility – By working from home, you don’t have to stick to normal office hours. While you should always ask your employer, you can do your work at times that better suit you.
  2. Better work life balance – With the ability to wake up later and being instantly home when your working hours are done, you’ll find it’s easier to maintain the perfect work and life balance. Just don’t be tempted to hop on the computer after work or doing chores when you should be doing a project.
  3. More productive – People who work from home are actually far more productive than those who work in an actual office.
  4. No commute – Many hours are wasted during the commute, time which can be spent focusing on work or getting yourself ready for the day with little stress. Hopping out of bed and into work is amazing when you’re used to an hour long commute.

Why you should have a dedicated working space at home

As well as having benefits for your business, having a home office can have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing and productivity when compared to working straight from your sofa or bed.

  1. Less distractions – let’s be honest: how tempting is it to watch Netflix or take a nap when working straight from your bed? As much as we want to pretend we can still be productive and snuggled up in blankets, it just isn’t realistic. An office space keeps your mind on work.
  2. Separates work from home life – as mentioned above, you have designated sections for work and chill out time. This ensures you can keep your mind off work outside of your dedicated working hours compared to where the whole house was your working space.
  3. Do not disturb – the hustle and bustle of your home may be distracting. By having a dedicated workspace, you are signalling to your family or housemates to leave you be.

What your home office needs

While you’re free to get creative with your office space, there are a few essentials to ensure that you’re comfortable while working. Regardless of which room you’re working in, make sure you have the following:

  • A clear, clutter-free area – One of the most important parts of creating a mentally stimulating space is to keep it free of clutter. Clean up the area and house of any items you don’t want to get rid of in a storage unit. These are affordable and convenient allowing you to keep your belongings and access them anytime but keeping them out of the home. A win-win, in our book.
  • Heating and a fan – Being too cold or too hot is very distracting, causing you to be uncomfortable. Make sure you have a form of heating and cooling nearby, whether that be a fan or sitting directly beside the window.
  • Natural light – If possible, try to put your desk near a window. Natural light is far more beneficial than artificial lighting, causing less eye strain and helping you get a good night’s sleep.
  • An ergonomic desk, chair and screen – Invest in an ergonomic desk and chair to ensure your spine is supported. You don’t want to get back pain caused by being hunched over a computer. Make sure your chair has adequate back support so that your computer screen is in line with your eyes so you don’t have to dip your head.
  • Neutral decor – There’s nothing wrong with adding pops of colour with photo frames, posters and plants, but keep your decor neutral and professional to help you get in the right mindset. Speaking of plants, they are a great addition to any workspace and help purify the air.

Home office ideas for every room of the house

Unsure of where you can fit your new home office? Thanks to compact and foldable furniture, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to settle into a space.


A kitchen can sometimes be tricky, but only if you tend to have people often milling around . In this case, try to find a quiet area rather than sitting at the regular kitchen table. This will ensure people know you’re working and won’t disturb you. A breakfast bar attached to a wall is multifunctional and perfect for smaller computers or laptops. Alternatively, transform your pantry into a study by using foldable furniture and corner desks. It may be small, but with the right decor, it can look both trendy and professional.


First things first – do not be tempted to work from the comfort of your bed. Yes, it may be cosy and warm, but will you realistically work to the same productivity level as usual? Separate your bed from your desk using a professional looking screen so you don’t get tempted. If you have items that are likely to distract you – such as a television – make sure it’s out of view from where you sit. Try to get rid of any clutter in your bedroom before starting too in order to recreate the office environment.

Living room

As with the kitchen, the living room can be a typically distracting place. Make sure you face away from the television and leave it off – as hard as that may be sometimes. Tuck your desk into a corner near a window to ensure you’re letting some natural light in while keeping out of the way. Dedicate this space to being an area of work; add some bookcases and the like, as well as motivational posters. Corner desks take up significantly less space than ordinary ones, slotting in seamlessly without looking odd in your living room.

Study or spare room

If you have a study or spare room, you have a big space to enjoy and dedicate to working. As long as you have all of the items listed above, you’re good to go. Clear out any furniture with the help of a storage unit and start afresh, it’s best that the space isn’t half bedroom and half study as this will distract you. If this is the case, however, use the tips recommended in the bedroom section above.

Create the perfect home office with ease by using a safe storage unit from Cubic Storage. With high levels of security and the ability to access your items whenever you need them, it’s the perfect solution to decluttering your home.

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