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As soon as the seasons tick around and bring us longer, sunnier days in the UK, we spend more time in our gardens brainstorming ideas for our dream outdoor space – a huge part of that is having the perfect storage.

To maintain a neat and tidy garden, you need to have all the right tools available – trowels, shears, strimmers, a lawn mower and more – and you’ll need to find space to keep these things safely tucked away for when they’re required.

From sheds, to storage boxes and shelving, there are many options to help keep your garden neat and even make your neighbours green with envy. In this post, we’re going to offer up some inspirational garden storage ideas, including solutions for your tools and more.

1. Traditional garden shed

This is the traditional option, but that’s not a bad thing. Garden sheds have always been popular as they’re the most practical of all garden storage ideas and once you have one, you can transform it into just what you need. With the right amount of space, a shed can be revamped to suit your needs – whether you want to add extra shelves, change the colour, nail a bird box to the exterior or add a seating area indoors to enjoy a cup of tea.

Smaller gardens might benefit from avoiding sheds that take up a lot of room and there are many slim options to slot in seamlessly. Something with enough space to tuck away all of those essentials while being a pretty focal point could be just the ticket. Thinking of how to be economical with space will ensure you end up with exactly the garden storage solutions you need.

2. Utilise wall and fence space

If you have a small but perfectly formed garden, storage ideas can be tricky to come by – especially when a shed would take up too much room. In this instance, taking advantage of any wall space you have is a fantastic idea.

Drill shelves into brick walls, add handy hooks to a robust fence or even find a tall ladder of shelving that can be propped up against a wall. Take a good look at your garden and figure out what will work best for you.

3. Double up your garden furniture as storage

Whether it’s an eye-catching arbour overlooking your rose garden or a comfy corner sofa set on your patio or decking, doubling up your furniture as storage is a smart move. Just like looking for a bed frame with built in drawers, this savvy outdoor furniture idea can provide you a lot of space.

Keep storage space ideas in mind when you’re shopping for garden furniture and you’ll be amazed at what you can find.

4. Turn your storage into a feature

It’s not just tools we need to store in our gardens – as well as wellies and gardening gloves, those with a wood burning fire will need a store of logs somewhere. One of our top ideas is to turn your tool storage or log store into an attractive garden feature.

If you love our previous tip of utilising wall space – no matter the size of your garden – why not hang your tools from some shelving and enhance the aesthetic with a few tubs of herbs or flowers?

There’s a reason many pubs and restaurants make their log stores a focal point – when done well, it can look lovely. Find an interesting piece of outdoor furniture with an open front and have fun with arranging your firewood into a beautiful pattern. This is especially helpful if you don’t have the space to house your firewood indoors or in a shed.

If you’re looking for a money saving tip – you could even upcycle an old piece of furniture from inside your house. Take the doors off an old cupboard and prepare it for its new role outdoors by weather-proofing it. Ideas such as this mean you’ll have brand new garden storage without breaking the bank or wasting perfectly good furniture.

5. Customise your garden storage

If you’ve bought something and it doesn’t quite fit into your colour scheme as you’d hoped, it’s not the end of the world. Get your hands messy with a little DIY project and tailor your new piece of garden storage – whether it’s a shed, an arbour or some shelves – to the exact thing you had in mind.

Grab some durable paint, add some twinkly solar fairy lights, screw in a few more hooks to hang more trowels – whatever you’re looking to achieve, you’ll be able to with a little bit of imagination.

Final thought: Consider a storage unit

Your garden might be too small to keep a shed in, which can often mean large garden tools such as lawn mowers have nowhere to live. This is where a small storage unit to house these larger items in can really come in handy. With a unit at Cubic, you will be able to gain access 24/7, so it’s convenient for whenever you need to maintain your garden, and you will also benefit from peace of mind in knowing everything is completely secure.

Plus, if you have an overhaul of the interior of your home, you can safely store those pieces of furniture you might want to upcycle for your garden storage at a later date. Get in touch with the friendly team here at Cubic Storage and we can work together to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

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