Garage Conversion Ideas

This collection of fantastic garage conversion ideas can help you narrow down exactly what you want from your new room and provide inspiration for the numerous ways a garage may be utilised.

There are many great ways to transform your garage, and during that transition period, you will need somewhere to store your belongings. At Cubic Storage, we have plenty of solutions to this problem, catering for a multitude of different requirements. Our storage units range from 9 to 250 square feet, so there will definitely be a storage size to fit your needs.

Here are a few of the many ideas on how to transform your garage:

Create a Home Office

With the requirement that many of us have had to work from home since the pandemic began, having your own quiet space is perfect. Normally, garages are located away from the main living areas of a house, which is ideal for conducting business calls or meetings.     

Consider including features such as built-in storage, power outlets, adequate natural light, and space for a kettle to make tea and coffee, as well as a sink and even a toilet if you expect to have guests.

A Hobby Room

Whether your new hobby room will be for gaming, crafting, or something else entirely, having a separate hobby area in your house is useful. Keeping a space focused on a specific goal will keep the rest of your home tidy, by keeping scattered clutter to a minimum.

A few fun ways in which you could use your new hobby room include:

  • Home cinema
  • Gaming room
  • Library
  • Snooker/pool room
  • Art room

If you have a separate area for your hobbies, you can outfit the room as needed without disturbing your current layout or other family members.

A Second Living Area

Many people nowadays want two living areas (one for family and big gatherings, and one for a more quiet area) in their homes, and a garage conversion can be an excellent way to make room for one. This can be an especially great option if you have children, as they will then have their own space to play in that’s separate from the main living area.

Home Gym

Are you having trouble getting to the gym or trying to come up with new ways to stay fit during the winter months when it’s cold outside? Although it is possible to set up exercise equipment in different rooms of your home, it takes up a lot of room – which is why creating a garage conversion home gym is an excellent idea.

A separate room will allow you to fill the space with hard-wearing, slip-resistant flooring that may not be appropriate for other rooms of your house. You might also want to consider installing an air conditioner or soundproof cladding.

Extend Your Kitchen

If your garage is connected to your kitchen, knocking down the wall between them to make one larger family or kitchen/diner room is a fantastic idea. A roof lantern or a run of skylights may be used to increase the amount of light that enters the new area; this is a great method to flood the area with bright, natural light while also making it feel larger.

Create distinct areas for every feature of your new space. You can use different sorts of light, flooring, and paint colours to accomplish this.

Converting areas of your living space can be very stressful, which is why we are here to help. Rather than relocating the possessions that usually stay in your garage to somewhere else in your house; which takes up far too much space, it is much more simple to rent a storage unit to transfer your belongings to. At Cubic Storage, we provide extremely safe and convenient storage solutions to help you during these times of change.

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