6 Businesses You Can Run From A Storage Unit

Starting a business needs a space to run it from. Many start-ups begin in the spare bedroom or at the kitchen table, but often quickly outgrow this. A storage unit can be an ideal option as the next step, as it gives you more space, without the cost of renting an office. But what business can you run from a storage unit?

Online Ecommerce Store

An online eCommerce store means you have products that need to be stored somewhere. Your storage unit can be used to store all your stock securely, and as a space where you can get your orders packed and prepped for shipping.

As well as storage for your stock and store packing materials, put in a large table, so you have a clear pace for packing up orders. If you have access to electricity there, add a printer for printing out shipping labels so you can do everything in one place.

Second Hand Furniture

Selling second-hand furniture can be lucrative, but you need a lot of storage space for stock. If you’re picking up gorgeous pieces to sell on, a storage unit can be the ideal place to store them where they won’t get damaged, until someone buys them.

You will need a larger unit for this, and if you’re going to be storing antiques, you will want to make sure the unit is properly climate controlled, so things don’t get damp and damaged.

Clothing Bank / Cash For Clothes

A cash for clothes business is one that buys up people’s old and unwanted clothes, and either resells them at a higher price, or recycles them. Like these other businesses, the key is having space to store it all. A storage unit is a good option, so you’re not stacking your house full of someone else’s clothes.

Make sure you choose a storage unit with proper ventilation so that the clothes don’t get musty.

Temporary Office for Professional Service

Most storage spaces are not designed to be used as office space, but some companies will allow you to do this. Make sure you check the fine print of your storage agreement carefully, so you know what you can and can’t do with your storage space. Even if you can’t use the unit as a permanent office, it can still be useful for those offering professional services. A storage unit can be used to store paperwork somewhere safe.

Arts & Crafts Makers

If you make art or craft products, you will probably have a lot of materials that need to go somewhere. Install some custom storage, like shelves or drawers, in your unit to store all your materials. Like the eCommerce store, you can also use the storage unit as a space for packing orders. Store all your packing materials there too, and you can pack and ship from the unit.

Market Stall Holders

If you own a market stall, you need a secure place to store all your stock, as there’s usually not a lot of space to keep stock on the stall itself. Look for a storage unit near the market you sell at, so you can easily move stock across.

What you might Require from a Storage Unit:


If you’re going to use your unit for shipping orders or as a temporary office, you might need a WiFi connection, so you can access customer orders and anything else you need on the internet. Check whether the storage space you want to use offers WiFi or whether you can put in your own.


What furniture will you need? Think beyond the items you need for storage. Do you need a table for packing orders? Do you want somewhere comfortable to sit if you’re going to be in there working for long periods? Do you need a desk?

A Large Unit

Depending on the kind of business you’re going to run, you might need a lot of space. Think carefully about how much space you will actually need. Storage units come in a huge range of sizes, from lockers to large rooms.

When you know what you will need, look for a storage company, like Cubic Storage, which can offer all of these things.

Try and find a specialist business storage company that is set up to offer well-ventilated, well-lit storage spaces that are designed for people to be in for longer periods, rather than just for stopping by quickly to drop off or pick up whatever’s being kept in the unit. Look for somewhere with good access, and where you’re not limited to set hours to be able to access your unit.

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